The Garden Route

The Garden Route – gateway to old fashioned country-style warmth and hospitality.

Reasons why property interest in the Western Cape and Garden Route area is higher than the rest of the country:

  • At the moment it is the safest area in South Africa. No life insurance can provide you the security of safety.
  • We have some of the most wonderful schools.
  • Very good hospitals, medical clinics, doctors and specialists.
  • We have sufficient guesthouses and hotels at reasonable prices.
  • All the necessary shops, supermarkets and shopping malls.
  • In agriculture the average carrying capacity per ha is higher than other areas in the country.
  • Mostly dairy farming: the top farmer’s milk up to 5 cows per ha.
  • Under irrigation ± 5000m³ per year + average rainfall is more than 700mm per year.
  • Winter temperature is minimum ± 5° and in the summer maximum ± 30°.
  • Grazing in the summer is mostly Lucerne, ryegrass and kikuyu. Lots of silo fodder is made for the winter months. ± 70 tons of silo fodder from a ha under irrigation.
  • 4 Milk processing factories in the area.
  • Here are some of the most beautiful mountains and a sea.
  • George Airport is centrally located.
  • The roads are in top condition.
  • The people are friendly and helpful.
  • We welcome all new investors and their expertise.

Invest now and let your children grow up in a happy, free environment